People Are Shaming Jerks They Meet On The Subway By Posting These 30 Pics Online


If your city has a metro or train system, you’re probably pretty thankful it’s there. Even if it’s unpredictable and needs a remodel, it’s better than having to deal with city traffic and parking.

That said, there are some people who really take public transport for granted and treat it like it’s their own personal bedroom, bathroom, and… actually, there is no comparison, I don’t know anybody who has a room in their own house where they think it’s appropriate to throw food all over the floor and leave it there.

When you’re using public transport, remember that the “public” means everyone has to use it, and next time, you could be the person getting nail clippings flicked into your lap.


People Who Sit Like This On A Crowded Train


People Who Leave A Train Like This


Full Train And People Asking Him To Move But He Was Too *Tired* To Give Them The Seats

Researchers analyzing handrails and other surfaces in the London Underground found an astonishing variety of bacteria that get there by way of human feces, rats, mice, and sewage. Some are even associated with antibiotic-resistant infections.

While the researchers reassure readers that the bacteria won’t be able to get through to most people with healthy immune systems just through skin contact, immunocompromised people, and those who visit people who are, should be extra-careful with hygiene after passing through.


Person Puts Wet Boots On Subway Seat Right Under A Sign Telling Her Not To Do So


People Who Put Gum On The USB Ports Of Public Transport


Not Sure What Was Happening Here, But I Bailed At The Next Stop

In response to the study, a London transport health and safety director argued that the Tube is not significantly dirtier than any other public place in London, which might not be comforting, but it sounds about right.


Doing Some Shaving In A Train Station


This Jerk Wouldn’t Slide Over So The Jeans Guy Could Sit. So He Stood Super Close To Him


Chav Let His Dog Tear Apart The Seats On The Train

As far as the number of unique bacteria found, the New York metro blew London out of the water by the measurements of one study. It mostly paints a similar picture of pathogens that are usually riding around with us in quantities too small to do us harm, but there are some additional residents: New York is ruled by a type of bacteria that’s used to clean up toxic metals from wastewater. Benevolent bacteria used to ferment kimchi and age cheese also like to tag along with metro riders.

In one statistic that’s so ominous it’s almost funny, researchers also found an abundance of DNA that didn’t match any identifiable organism.


Get These Shrimp Off This Train




On Subway. Doors Closing. Young Women In Uggs Holding Starbucks Latte Running To Get On Train. Inserts Cup Into Door To Hold Doors Open? Doors Close. Drink Exploded On Everyone Inside Train


This Guy Eating Pistachios On The Train


Sat Near Two Women Who Let Their Toddler Throw Food Around In Public Transport


What Bugs Me Most About This Is That There’s Usually A Super Nice Guy In A Wheelchair Who Stays There And I Bet He Had To Move Because Of This Lovely Person


Woman On The Subway Having Fun With Her Hair And A Lighter


It Wouldn’t Be An Exaggeration To Say I Found Some Happy Campers


Has Anyone Else Seen A Subway In Worse Shape Than This? This Isn’t Something That Can Become An Acceptable Norm


Lady Refuses To Throw Her Cigarette Away Even Though She’s Delaying The Train For Everyone Else


Woman Washing Her Feet In The Train


This Man Taking Up 5 Seats On An England Train On Possibly The Hottest Day The UK Has Seen


Remember To Always Use Hand Sanitizer After Riding The Airport Tram


This Woman On The Train Occupying 4 Seats. The Train Wasn’t Full And I Understand When You Put Your Bag On The Next Seat But This Is Next Level

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This Woman On An NYC Subway


Bunch Of Luggage Piled Up On Priority Seats Of A Full Train


Buttwipe On The Subway Eats Sunflower Seeds And Tosses The Shells All Over The Train


That Moment When Mom Pops Your Pimple On The NYC Subway


There Are People Standing On This Train While This Asshole Takes Up 2 Seats


Nah It’s Cool. I Didn’t Need To Sit During My 50 Minute Commute

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