Mothers urged to get free sugar app to check products – BBC News

Image copyright change4life Image caption The app scans barcodes of thousands of food and beverage products to disclose total sugar content

Parents are being urged to sign up for a free app which tells them the sugar content of food and beverage.

The “sugar smart app”, from Public Health England, works by scanning barcodes and exposing total sugar in cubes or grams.

Officials hope it will help combat tooth decay, obesity and type two diabetes and promote families to choose healthier alternatives.

PHE says young children are feeing three times more than the sugar limit.

Its new Change4Life advertising campaign, which includes the sugar app, been shown that on average infants aged four to ten years old are consuming 22 kg of added sugar a year.

That’s about 5,500 sugar cubes – more than the weight of an average five-year-old child.

The app has been developed to raise awareness of how much sugar is contained in everyday food and beverage.

It works on more than 75,000 products, offering a quick guide to help parents to assess potential buys that may harm their children’s health.

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption A small carton of juice can contain more than five cubes of sugar

How much sugar?

a can of cola – nine cubes of sugar a chocolate bar – six cubes of sugar a small carton of juice – more than five cubes of sugar


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