One of the wealthiest people on globe just announced he’s giving all his fund to charity.


This is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He’s CRAZY rich. Like, wealthier-than-the-entire-country-of-Paraguay rich.

But don’t fret. He’s great, I promise. Read on…

We feel you, Anne. GIF via “Love& Other Drugs.”

you should know Alwaleed employs a good chunk of his change to construct the world a better place.

The prince has given billions of dollars to various philanthropic endeavors. His foundation has supported projects in 92 countries around the globe!

And this week, he only stepped up his charity game even more.

On July 1, 2015, Alwaleed announced he’s giving away his entire $32 billion luck to charity.

Every. Last. Penny.

His gargantuangift will go to his own nonprofit, Alwaleed Philanthropy, in all regions of the next several years. There, the dollars will bolster a handful of causes worldwide, like empowering women, eradicating illness , assisting in disaster relief, objective poverty, increasing intercultural understanding , developing underserved communities … shall I go on? Because there’s more. Here’s his two cents on the matter 😛 TAGEND

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