Olivia Jade Is Very Confused In First Makeup Tutorial Since Returning To YouTube: ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ – Perez Hilton


Olivia Jade is getting back into the swing of things on her YouTube channel. Well, sort of!

Just a few short weeks after she made an official comeback to the online platform, the 20-year-old embattled former USC student is making good on her word for more content and uploaded a brand new video titled “Everyday Routine.”

In the 16-minute clip posted on Tuesday, the beauty influencer talks her 1.9 million subscribers through a “Get Ready With Me”-style tutorial to achieve a simple, glowy makeup look and later shares her outfit of the day (#OOTD for the cool kids!).

From the very beginning, Lori Loughlin‘s daughter appeared fresh-faced with a very “business as usual” approach. But just before launching into her glam application, she paused to give an honest moment of reflection:

“I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I feel like I haven’t done, like, a sit-down tutorial in so long…is this boring?”

Seemingly a bit insecure and confused about the whole experience, she silently muttered:

“I don’t know what to do.”

And after some hesitation with a CoverGirl eyebrow pencil, she jokingly added:

“I really forgot how to do makeup.”

That initial hesitation didn’t last very much longer, though, as the former college student continued the rest of the clip with a slew of tips and tricks to achieve her look!

WATCH it for yourself, here:

As we mentioned earlier, Olivia Jade promised to get back to regularly posting on her channel in a previous upload called “hi again.” Despite losing several brand sponsorships when her parents’ legal drama took center stage, that hiccup isn’t getting her down completely!

At one point, the beauty vlogger hints there’s at least one more vid on the way:

“So just an update, also, I have a vlog that I’m still working on filming. It’s just not done. I wanted to get this video — or really any video — up sooner after my initial video. But I’m not done with it and I’m still just like easing back into it. So thanks for being patient. You guys are awesome.”

This is good news for any of the starlet’s loyal fans out there who’ve been itching to see her online again.

Although, as we all know, it’ll be strictly PG on this platform since any talk about the college admissions scandal that her mom and father Mossimo Giannulli are involved in is completely off-limits. The Giannullis have even tasked their family’s lawyer with counselling OJ through her big YT return so she doesn’t accidentally say anything to further complicate her parent’s case!

(BTW, in case you haven’t been keeping up, Lori and Mossimo have fully taken the victimhood route and doubled down on their innocence in Operation Varsity Blues — catch up on that, HERE.)

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