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Nicolas Cage‘s four-day nuptials may cost him BIG TIME!


However, the star’s estranged wife is STILL demanding spousal support for their brief union!

According to April 19 legal documents obtained by RadarOnline on Monday, the makeup artist shot down his complaint for an annulment, and wants a divorce instead.

In the papers, she denied that their marriage was obtained by fraud, and refuted claims that Cage was unaware of her relationship with another person, and her alleged criminal history.

Additionally, Cage allegedly wanted them to restart their relationship “in the right way” 12 days after his annulment filing, which possibly proves that their fling was real and not fraudulent.

While she said there might be community assets and community debts, the “exact amounts and descriptions of which are unknown to Erika at this time.”

In regards to her request for spousal support, the papers read:

“Given the length of the parties’ relationship, the lost career opportunities of Erika as a result of the relationship, the respective financial conditions of the parties, the cost for Erika to regain economic independence, and the damage to Erika’s reputation resulting from Nicolas’ inaccurate allegations, among other factors, Nicolas should be required to pay Erika spousal support that is just and equitable under the circumstances.”

Though they were married for less than a week, the two have reportedly been together since April 2018.

However, Koike — who also said she wants Cage to pay for her legal fees — remarked that the two should NOT be together.

“During the course of said marriage, the tastes, mental disposition, views, likes and dislikes of Erika and Nicolas have become so widely divergent that the parties have become incompatible to marriage to such an extent that it is impossible for them to live together as husband and wife… And that the incompatibility between the Erika and Nicolas is so great that there is no possibility of reconciliation.”

Ultimately, she is asking for his complaint for annulment to be dismissed, for their contract of marriage to be dissolved, and for a decree of divorce.

Nicolas Cage claimed he was too drunk to legally consent to his own marriage. / (c) WENN

According to in March, eyewitness said Cage appeared to be “very out of it,” and was “most likely drunk” when he applied for a marriage license in downtown Las Vegas around 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 23. (Per their marriage certificate, they got married that same day.)

In footage obtained by the publication, the Raising Arizona thespian — dressed in a dark jacket, red shirt, and dark pants — raised his voice, and said Koike’s “boyfriend” is a drug dealer, and that “he isn’t doing it,” possibly referring to getting a marriage license.

Though Koike calmly told Cage, “I never asked you to do this,” he smiled and gently pushed her through the hallway, saying, “Come on, let’s go.”

The source then explained:

“They started by filling the application in one of the machines… The whole time he was yelling, ‘She is going to take all my money,’ and, ‘Her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy.’… The woman only kept saying, ‘Baby I am not asking you to do this.’”

Reportedly, because the couple were making such a scene, they were taken into a private room and later left the courthouse with papers.

However, Reverend Phil York — who reportedly officiated their wedding — told RadarOnline last Thursday that he did not think Cage was too drunk.

He told the publication:

“I recognized Nic straight away when I came into the chapel. I’ve seen many of his movies and I think he’s a great actor. He was very quiet and serious but when I looked them in the eye and asked the question they both said ‘I do’. There was no hesitation. I always look for slurred speech or if people are wobbling around, but I didn’t see anything untoward.’”

York added:

“By license, if we think that they’re too drunk or drugged we can’t go through with the ceremony. I was just dumbfounded when I heard that he had got an annulment. I was surprised and shocked to hear that. I was kind of upset by the whole situation. The young lady said she had known him for four years.”

The 55-year-old was previously married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley, and Patricia Arquette.

[Image via WENN.]

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