Nick Jonas Slammed For ‘Gross And Irresponsible’ Cigar Mag Cover Shoot – Perez Hilton


What were you thinking with this one, Nick Jonas ?!

Priyanka Chopra ‘ s new spouse is clearly feeling himself this week after posting pics to Twitter of his new covering shoot for Cigar Aficionado , which proves him with cigar in hand. But fans clearly aren’t as” pumped about this one” as the 26 -year-old pop star seems to be — and they’re letting him have it on social media!

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Jonas, perhaps the only Cigar Aficionado reader younger than 75, proudly posted a covering shooting and then a second set of cigar photo shoot pics to the social network on Monday morning, as you can see( below ):

Ahh, yes, Smoking with Superstar Nick Jonas is the kind of message to send to those young Jonas Friend fans who are now certain to pick up copies of Cigar Aficionado at newsstands everywhere! ** rolls eyes **

Also, first cover-up model under 30 for that mag, like, ever ? Weird flex, but OK…

Seriously, though, we have some issues.

Dude, Your Wife Has Asthma…

Maybe the biggest problem with the pop prince promoting smoking like this is the fact that his lovely bride has asthma !!! Priyanka tweeted about it almost exactly a year ago( below ):

Uhhh … Nick ?! Did you, like , not know that ?! WTF ???

…And YOU Have Diabetes!

In case the Every Single Time vocalist forgot or something, he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes as a kid, and first went populace with his condition back in 2007.

In fact, we’re old enough to remember a few years ago when the pop performer claimed he wanted to make a difference for young person with diabetes! Is that true now, Nick ?! Or do you merely want to sell magazines ???

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