Nick Grimshaw Shaved Off His Hair And People Can’t Handle It


It’s official. A Radio 1 DJ dared to change his hair without the express permission of the UK population and they’re not happy about it.

How could you, Nick? Don’t you understand how much this effects everyone else’s lives?

Not only that, but he forced fans to watch the horrific moment in a cruel video posted on Snapchat. Despicable.

The BBC should probably be offering counselors to support anyone affected by this truly horrific act of hair-based injustice.

The responsefrom fans and concerned members of the publicwas immediate theywere extremely unimpressed that this had taken place without written permission. Especially after he previously dyed his locksblonde in May, and they hadnt been consulted on that either.

Some even went as far to liken the new shaved doto Britney’s ‘break down hair’. Ouch.

There we have it. How dare he betray us all like this.

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