New Video Emerges of Alton Sterling Being Killed by Baton Rouge Police


Footage provided to The Daily Beast proves Alton Sterling being repeatedly shot by police officer after he was pinned to the ground. “>

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana Abdullah Muflahi sat on a beer cooler inside the Triple S Food Mart and described what it was like to watch police kill his friend.

It was a nightmare, it was a nightmare, Muflahi, the owner of this small convenience store, told The Daily Beast over and over. I kept expecting to wake up.

Alton Sterling, a 37 -year-old black man, was standing in the parking lot selling Cds as he had for years when two white cops arrived on Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning he was dead and protesters were in the citys streets. Calls erupted from Congress and the NAACP for an independent investigation into the shooting, which the Justice Department announced within hours.

Officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake were reportedly responding to a 911 call about a man threatening person with a gun before they arrived, but Muflahi told no one was waving a gun, surely not Sterling.

He didnt even tell me about anything, he usually tells me, Muflahi told. Hes not that type of person. It would have been a very big problem to pull his gun out.

A homeless man reportedly called 911 after Sterling showed him his gun after “the mens” asked him for fund, an official told CNN. A Baton Rouge police dispatcher then told policemen a man matching Sterling’s description pulled a gun on the 911 caller, according WAFB-TV.

Muflahi walked out the front door when he saw the officers talking to Sterling and said there was no altercation, as police claimed, until the cops tasered and tackled Sterling. Thats when Muflahi took out his phone and started recording.

The Daily Beast is publishing this video in its entiretydespite its graphic naturebecause it shows what happened before, during, and after the killing of Sterling. A previous video merely showed him being tackled and the first two gunshots.

I swear to God if you fucking move! one of the officers screamed, pointing his gun at Sterlings chest. Hes got a gun! Gun!

Muflahis video does not appear to support the officers claim that Sterlings gun represented an active menace: It appears to have been in a pocket and never reached his hand. Instead, the video proves Sterling pinned down, shot twice in the chest, and then shot four more times.

After mortally wounding him, one of the officers removes an object from Sterlings right gasps pocket.( Police during a Wednesday press conference refused to comment on whether Sterling had a gun .)

Fuck! one cop calls into his radio. 10 -4, 10 -4 shots fired! Shootings fired!

Sterling was still alive, the video capturing his left hand moving over a dark pond of blood filling the center of his red T-shirt. When paramedics arrived minutes later, Sterling was dead.

Muflahi said he and two eyewitness who were also recording the incident from their vehicle were taken by police to headquarters to be interviewed.

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