New Rape Claim Proves That Women Are Worthless in Trumps America


Temple Taggart McDowell. Cassandra Searles. Jennifer Murphy. Natasha Stoynoff. Mindy McGillivray. Jessica Leeds. Rachel Crooks. Lisa Boyne. Kristin Anderson. Cathy Heller. Karena Virginia. Jessica Drake. Ninni Laaksonen. Juliet Huddy. Tasha Dixon. Jane Does 1, 2, 3, and so on.

A steadfast belief in white people’s right to be innocent until proven guilty in this country has resulted in a system in which rape is a nearly consequence-free offense, particularly for anyone rich enough to throw money at their problems. The nature of sexual crimes means they are almost always witnessed exclusively by the perpetrator and the victim. Even in cases where there is evidence, it is easy enough to claim that a woman who is anything less than a nun in a full habit “asked for it.” 

A credibly accused rapist has sat in the White House, flexing a controlling, if often incompetent, hand over the country for 28 months. Most of those accusations surfaced before he won election. They continued to come out after he stepped into the Oval Office, claiming that space as his own with the same derision and spite with which he entered the dressing rooms of naked teenage beauty pageant contestants. He has stood on the White House lawn in ill-fitting suits, sneering and slouching and defending the reputations of men in his employ who were accused of violently abusing women. 

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