New Overwatch animated short is all about the villains


A new animated short from Blizzard Entertainment is so good that it could give Pixara run for its money.

In the second of four animated shorts promoting Overwatch, Blizzards upcoming team-based, competitive first-person shooter, the evil assassin Widowmaker plots to kill a beloved icon in front of a crowd of fans, and its up to Overwatch hero Tracer to stop Widowmaker.

Overwatch features a cavalcade of super heroes and villains, all of whom are drawn with Blizzards characteristic flair for imagination and detail. Theyre not just playing pieces for players to choose from, theyre all characters in their own right, and Blizzards animated shorts are helping us get to know them.

The first Overwatch short, Recall, featured an ensemble cast. Alive is all about Tracer and Widowmaker as they battle over Londons rooftops.

Overwatch will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 24.

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