New Contraceptive Lets Men Turn Their Balls On And Off


Male contraceptives, eh? Which is the way to go? Condoms are awkward and no one likes to be left with a bag of sperm. Vasectomies, through huge expense, are reversible but sometimes the undoing doesn’t always work. And other than them, there’s no big choices.

Until now! A German inventor has created what he calls aspermatic duct valve which could change the world. It’s basically an on/off switch for coming…


It is designed to stop the spem from reaching the penis and, instead, diverting it back to the testicles. And if the carrier has had enough of not getting people pregnant, he can find THE SWITCH ON HIS BALLS and turn it off.

Go go gadget jizz.

Clemens Bimek, the inventor, so far is the only one to try it but hopes to test the switch on 25 others in the very near future. The implant itselfis 1.8cm long and weighs 2 grams. Surgical insertion takes around half an hour while the patient is under local anaesthetic.

The valve featuresa rocker switch placed on the spermactic valve. Users can then easily find the switch through the thin scrotum skin.


Oddly, though, it is said that any lingering sperm cells could take three to six months to leave so, until then, you’ll have to ‘double bag’ as it were…

It’s not all peaches and gravy, though.Dr Wolfgang Bhmann, spokesman for the Society of German Urologists, said:

“I believe that the implantation of this valve could lead to scar tissue building up in the seminal ducts.

He also mentioned that he fears sperm would build up and stick, clogging up the mechanism.

I don’t know… I think I might stick to being sexless and lonely. Seems easier. Who’s the real winner here, huh?!


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