Forgotten Pit Bull Beat The Odds To Stimulate A Stunning Transformation


Get ready to be inspired by Nico — a survivor of puppy fighting, high kill shelters, and deafness. This pit bull came out of the darkness that was his life to reveal himself as a loving, peaceful puppy worthy of a home.

In July of 2009, Nico was on the brink of giving up. He was treated like a monster, labeled as aggressive, and thrown into a shelter that planned to euthanize him. But when animal rescuer Kelly Gibson find a viral photo online — of Nico leaning his head against the wall, defeated and transgressed — she decided to go and fulfill him in person. In just a few minutes, Kelly had looked into Nico’s eyes and find the truth. She knew the shelter was incorrect; this was no vicious puppy. Money was created to pull Nico from the shelter, get him the medical attention he needed, and transfer the dog to a caring shelter in Indiana.

Three months later, Nico had begun an incredible transformation and was eventually “re ready for” his forever home. Bridget welcomed him into her family, where he prospered more than ever. He even got a new little sister — a deaf cavity bull named Brisby, who came from the same rescue where Bridget observed Nico.

Nico’s family wholeheartedly believes this incredible puppy is a symbol for all those animals who have endured abuse, forget, fighting, disable, and disease.

Nico has since been diagnosed with cancer, but the approach to his therapy has been holistic and pain-free as is practicable. He continues to be surrounded by love, warmth, and compassion — not bad for a puppy who was once breach and battered.

Follow Nico on his journey below, narrated by Nico’s mom, Bridget. Please SHARE this amazing journey with your friends on Facebook, and let’s put an end to bullying breeds!

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