Natasha Lyonne’s Emmys Clap Is The New Nicole Kidman Oscars Clap – See The Reactions! – Perez Hilton


Natasha Lyonne didn’t land the Best Actress award at the Emmys Sunday night, but she was crowned with perhaps an even bigger honor: Best Supporting Clap at an Award Show!

The Russian Doll superstar and creator catch the internet’s eye during the ceremony yesterday for the peculiar way she was applauding her peers, with many comparing her method to previous Best Supporting Clap win, Nicole Kidman .

For those who forgot,

As New York Times editor Gilbert Cruz put it:

Other social media users wrote the following:

” Natasha Lyonne’s clapping tonight … I will think about nothing else for a week. #Emmys”

” You did this on purpose to achieve gif status didn’t you @nlyonne”

” I feel like Natasha Lyonne only learned to clap 5 minutes before the broadcast. #Emmys”

” My forever mood is Natasha Lyonne clapping in her gold blouse at the Emmys”

” natasha lyonne clapping that’s it that’s the tweet .”

” It looks like she’s clapping with someone else’s hands .”

” I’m presuming someone is making a montage of Natasha Lyonne clapping so I don’t have to do it. #Emmys”

The 40 -year-old had many reasons to clap during Sunday night’s award show.

Her existential Netflix dramedy, which follows a woman who is mysteriously reliving the same night over and over again, won three out of the 13 awards it was nominated for: Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series, Outstanding Production Design for Narrative Program, and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes.

Lyonne was also nominated for lead actress in a comedy, and for writing for a slapstick alongside co-creators Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler , but she lost out to Fleabag superstar and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge in both categories.

Back in July, the actress told People she was ” in awe” her display, which has been renewed for a second season, was nominated so many times. She said 😛 TAGEND

” Frankly, this is the first show that I’ve truly created and seen through from inception to color correction. The notion that this was well-received instead of alienating for audiences, actually makes me encouraged to continue along those lines to want to ask big questions about what it all means and what we’re all doing here .”

Give yourself a round of applause, gurl! You’ve earned it!

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