NASA Just Completely Shut Down Climate Change Deniers On Facebook


Comment sections are always fun places, especially when impassioned issues are involved. But usually, the back and forthsof keyboard bashing speedily fadeinto the white noise of the Internet. So you know when NASA shows up in the comment segment of a post about climate change to tell you youre wrong, its probably time to call it a day.

NASAs commentaries came after Bill Nyeposted a narrative about himself asking a prominent climate change denier to put his fund where his mouth is. Nye, the social sciences guy, offered two $20,000 bets to leading climate change denier Marc Morano, during an interview Morano himself had requested, that this year will be in the top 10 hottest years on record and this decade will also be the hottest on record. Alas, Morana declined the wagers.

Unsurprisingly, Nye posting the narrative to his Facebook page generated a rumble and summoned the keyboard-wielding trolls to the comments segment below the article. Perhaps after a late-night binge on YouTube conspiracy videos, many people accused NASA of being a leading voice in promoting the swindle of man-made climate change by skewing figures and lying to the public about its data. A few commenters also incorrectly quoted, or just simply made up, some previous claims of NASA.

In a rebuttal, theNASAClimate Change Facebook page begun commenting back in a cool, calm and bluntly straight-to-the-point fashion to set the record straight-out. They even brought charts and everything.


ImageCredits: Screenshots via Facebook

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