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Mural of bikini-clad Hillary Clinton ‘covered up’ with burqa | Fox News


A brick wall in Melbourne, Australia, has become a battleground for freedom of expression in the city, as a graffiti artist “covered up” his controversial mural of a bikini-clad Hillary Clinton on Monday by painting a burqa over the image.

The controversy started last month when the artist, named Lushsux, painted a mural of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton garmented in a small bikini with $100 bills tucked inside, The Herald Sun reported. The mural is available on the outside wall of a store.

The store’s owner reportedly was out of town, but the person watching over the business said she had no problem with the mural. Still, the Maribyrnong Council determined that it was offensive and demanded it removed.

In response, the artist again grabbed at controversy: he covered Clinton with a black burqa, exposing only her blue eyes. He seemingly tried to preempt the next round of criticism by writing a message next to the modified mural: If this Muslim woman offends u, u r a bigot, racist, sexist Islamophobe.

The council seemed unimpressed.

On Tuesday, Lushsux posted a scene on his Twitter account that demonstrated the mural altogether are covered under black paint. The caption read, Looks like the council wins.

Lushsux has a history of painting provocative murals. In one, he painted a seductive-looking Melania Trump naked except for two images of Donald Trump encompassing her breasts. Lushsux coyly captioned the image on Twitter: “Decided to censor my work now as not to cause any offense.”

His work has been compared and contrasted with other popular graffiti artists, including Banksy. Lushsux often takes on pop culture, painting figures like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

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