Mueller Probe Now Includes Trumps Business Associates


Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators are tracking down President Donald Trump’s business partners—and are particularly focused on his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to McClatchy. This week, Mueller’s team questioned a Trump Organization associate who was part of overseas deals in recent years. They were especially interested in interactions with Cohen, who’s been involved in Trump Organization deals in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia, McClatchy reports. Meanwhile, Mueller’s office filed court papers Thursday night that revealed investigators are still issuing search warrants for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who’s been indicted on charges of money laundering and conspiracy. One of the search warrants was obtained as recently as March 9, the papers say. The filing also disclosed that some of the search warrant affidavits include “information relating to ongoing investigations that are not the subject of the current prosecutions involving Manafort.”

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