Mom Of Newborn Quadruplets Shares Her Amazing Survival Story


Dr. Monica Peeler-Reed practices internal medicine and pediatrics. While she’s used to diagnosing her patients, little did she know that one day she’d be diagnosing herself.

A few years back, Monica and her husband, Fred, were thrilled when they found out quadruplets were on the way. A few weeks before delivery, Monica began to experience shortness of breath. At first, she brushed it off as allergies and attributed it being pregnant with four newborns. Soon after delivering her miracle newborns via C-section, however, Monica started to feel worse. So, she decided to conduct a self-assessment as if she were her very own patient. That’s when she realise her collecting of symptoms were very similar to that of heart failure. As it turned out, she was right.

Due to her family history and multiple pregnancies, Monica’s blood pressure rose, which put strain on her heart. Monica was immediately placed on drug, but as a doctor she knew firsthand health risks involved with hypertensive heart disease the number one cause of death associated with high blood pressure. With four newborn newborns at home, Monica dreaded for herself, but largely she feared for her children who needed their mother more than ever.

Watch the video to be determined what happened next, because this brave mother and doctor has a powerful message that every person is hear. Please SHARE her story with your friends on Facebook!

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