Mother Begged Doctors To Amputate Her Leg After She Cut It Whilst Shaving


Shaving is a day-to-day part of the majority of our lives. Whether you’re a man and want to make sure that your five o’clock shadow doesn’t make an unwelcome appearance or a woman who wants to have silky smooth legs. While the outdated gender norms that play into how we maintain our body hair can be frustrating, it’s generally speaking a harmless part of life.

Okay, maybe not totally harmless. We’ve all learned just how painful a dry shave can be, and there’s nothing more horrifying than accidentally cutting yourself with a razor – especially if it’s on a visible part of your body. Hair removal is supposed to make you look better, not worse, and for one woman, a seemingly innocuous cut from shaving her leg to led to amputation.

Like the majority of us would do in this situation, 43-year-old Tanya Czernozukow thought nothing of it when she nicked her leg and acquired a small cut that turned into a scab around the size of a cent. But six months later, it had tripled in size.

At this point, it was described as a “huge hole”, and doctors told the 43-year-old mother that it had developed into a serious infection – an infection which required 18 months of intense treatment to stop it spreading up her thigh.

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This 18 month period involved Tanya attempting to use creams, tablets, and even maggots to stop the infection from spreading, but when none of these treatments worked, she had no option but to have her leg amputated.

After this small cut turned nasty, Tanya was diagnosed with a chronic leg ulcer. However, because the 43-year-old suffers from diabetes, it was unable to heal properly and developed into gangrene which led to her above the knee amputation.

(The image of Tany’s ulcerated leg is featured below, and a word of warning: it is not for the faint-hearted.)

Thankfully, the amputation was successful at preventing the spread of the infection and ended Tanya’s year-and-a-half-long ordeal. She’s now pain-free and looking forward to moving on with her life, but has vowed to never shave again.

Instead, the brave mother has opted to have her remaining leg waxed out of fear that a similar incident could occur again.

The 43-year-old who is from Derbyshire, England, said of her ordeal, “It has been an absolute nightmare. It was just a little nick. I just went, ‘Ouch’, and thought nothing of it.”

“I’ve done it a thousand times before so I just put a bit of tissue on it and expected it to stop bleeding.”

“Within a few weeks it was green and black from my ankle right up to my knees,” Tanya explained. “The pain was absolutely sheer hell.”

While receiving treatment for her ulcer, Tanya was also told that she had diabetes and that was the reason that it had failed to heal properly.

“I had to take more and more painkillers,” Tanya said. “It was a constant feeling of thousands of needles being stuck into me. I used to sit with my leg in a plastic bag – there used to be that much fluid seeping out of it, I felt like I was in a horror movie.”

“After a while, it looked like gangrene. It just kept growing and growing and growing,” the 43-year-old continued. “It got to the point when I just said to the doctors, ‘Take it off. I want it gone.’”

Reflecting on the amputation itself, Tanya said, “When I first came round I got one hell of a shock. There was only inches of my leg left. It was just complete and utter shock. To see it gone was like waking up in a nightmare.”

The incident itself took place in April 2014, and when the scab first appeared, Tanya’s mother encouraged her to visit a doctor, but she didn’t and said, “I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah’, but didn’t. I had never had any other health problem.”

“A week later, the pain got so bad I went to A&E and was hospitalized for five days where doctors said it was a leg ulcer and put me on strong antibiotics,” Tanya said of how quickly her condition deteriorated. “I’ve never felt pain like that in my life.”

In fact, the pain was so severe that Tanya at no option but to quit her job as a sales representative.

“They did biotherapy which involves attaching maggots to your leg. For 24 hours I was screaming in agony. By the third time I went into hospital, it covered my whole leg. It was just completely infected. It was too far gone. It was too little, too late.”

Then, in Apil 2016, Tanya made the life-changing decision to have her leg amputated. This involved a lengthy recovery where she had to learn how to do basic tasks once again, but she wants to emphasize to anyone in a similar situation that there is hope.

“I don’t regret the operation one bit,” she said. “I am looking to go back to work. Mentally, I am pretty much almost there. That’s the next step in my life. I am getting a car, that’s going to be life-changing. [Then] I will look into getting a prosthetic leg.”

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Tanya all the best with her continued recovery.

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