Mom In Chewbacca Mask Laughs Her Way To Internet Fame


To some, finding joy in the simple things may mean spending quality time with their significant others or pressing the snooze button a few extra times in the morning. However, for Candace, a mother of two from Grand Prairie, Texas, some of life’s simplest joys include the Khol’s parking lot, a Chewbacca mask, and a whole lot of unrestrained laughter

After celebrating her birthday a few days back, Candace decided to take a trip to her local Khol’s for some well-deserved birthday shopping. Expecting to purchase new clothes from the woman’s department, Candace surprisingly found herself immersed in the children’s toy aisle- not for her children, but for herself. What she found was nothing short of hilarious. 

Returning to her car, Candace sets up her camera and unveils what is likely the most entertaining item Khol’s has to offer. The toy, an uncanny look-alike to popular Star Wars character Chewbacca, fits like a glove and even moves its mouth to fit Candace’s uproarious laughter. Since posting the video, Candace and her new toy have taken over the internet. With over a million views (and counting), Candace is giving the real Chewbacca a run for his money – just ask Peter Mayhew. Known for his starring role as Chewy in the Star Wars series, Mayhew had only one thing to say to this internet-savvy mom on Reddit: 

“Absolutely wonderful! Cheers!”

Among Mayhew’s comments were several other viewers who lauded Candace’s hilarious video for being the best thing they’ve seen in a while. Some even argue it’s time we rethink the cast for a certain upcoming intergalactic sequel. Either way, as far as enjoying the simple things in life go, we all may have a lesson to learn from Candace … and Chewy, of course. 

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H/T: Candace Payne

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