Michele Bachmann: God Sent Trump As ‘Reprieve’ From Trans Rights


President Donald Trumps 2016 election victory caught much of the world by surprise, but Michele Bachmann believes it was divine intervention.

In an April 1 interview on the conservative radio program, Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, the former U.S. representative from Minnesota implied that the election results were somehow Gods retribution for the transgender communitys recent strides toward equality, Right Wing Watch reported.

If Hillary Clinton was going to continue and double down on the policies of Barack Obama, I think people just saw no hope that the United States would return to a position of Judeo-Christian morality, the Republican said in the interview, a clip of which can be heard above. We were in a situation where the president of the United States, on his own, just issued a sheet of paper and said, overnight, every single public school in the country would have to have the girls bathrooms open to the boys and the boys bathrooms open to the girls.

She continued, What we were told from the White House, is that when we look at our body in a shower, our body isnt reality anymore,so we actually get to choose if were a boy, if were a girl.

Noting that Trumps rise to power just wasnt in the natural, Bachmann added, This was in the supernatural where God sovereignly, I believe, answered the prayers of believers beseeching him, and hes given us a reprieve.

The programs host agreed.When you have the White House lit with the colors of the gay rainbow that was June 2015 I think that was a low point for a lot of people and it just seemed like every perversion, including this transgender obsession, was just being celebrated, Markell said. I think God said, Enough!

Given Bachmanns vehement opposition to LGBTQ rights, of course, her remarks arent particularly surprising. In 2015, she predicted that Obamas support of same-sex marriage, as well as his policies on Irans nuclear program, would bring about the rapture.

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