Met Police to launch merchandise range

Image copyright JEFF OVERS Image caption Scotland Yard has hired experts to look into branded clothing, toys and games, stationary, homeware and tourist souvenir items

A range of Metropolitan Police merchandise may soon hit the stores after the force hired a specialist branding firm.

Scotland Yard is hoping to follow the example of the New York Police Department, which has been selling merchandise for more than 15 years.

It is hoped the move will contribute to improving the Met’s image and raise income.

City Hall calculates the Met will need to find an extra PS3 25 m of savings before April 2021.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The New York Police Department( NYPD) create extra revenue through branded clothing, as worn by actress Chloe Grace Moretz

The project is looking into Met Police branded clothing, dolls and games, stationery, homeware and tourist souvenir items.

Any money raised by the licensing project would be used to fund frontline services, train staff and “build greater affiliation with, and support for the service, thereby inspiring benefit of future generations to join”.

A contract has been signed with branding firm The Point. 1888, which has worked with Tate galleries, Leon and Battersea Dogs and Cat Home.

Simon Wilson, director of commercial services at the Met, said: “As a team we feel there is a huge global opportunity to develop marketing resulting consumer products to support our vision.”

Image copyright PA/ Adidas Image caption TfL’s restriction edition trainers featured the Underground roundel and a map of the Metropolitan Line

Will Stewart, managing director of The Point. 1888, said: “I grew up in London, so to be able to generate revenue that puts more bobbies on the beat in my home town is an honour.

“The Metropolitan Police and New Scotland Yard brands have unbelievable awareness and we will partner with outstanding licensees to help us actually make a difference.”

However, Met Police Federation chair Ken Marsh called the plan a “ridiculous idea”.

“I think all my fellow members will take a dim view when people are wandering around with Metropolitan Police written on them, ” he said.

Transport for London recently collaborated with clothing brand Adidas on a similar project, making restriction edition trainers featuring the Underground roundel and a map of the Metropolitan Line.

TfL’s director of commercial developing Graeme Craig said such link-ups “provide vital funds that we invest in modernising the transport network”.

No products that look like Met uniforms would be produced, and Scotland Yard would have the final say on any products made by external companies, the force said.

The project will operate until May 2021.

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