Megyn Kelly’s ‘High Hopes’ For Donald Trump Earn Her A Middle Finger From Kathy Griffin!


It’s the most important feud of the day!

When Megyn Kelly was invited to speak at

However, Megyn made sure to end on a high note, concluding:

“Being on the receiving end of sexism is not enjoyable. I can attest to that first-hand. And we can lament that this is still a reality of 2016 America all day long. But there’s no time for lamentations. There’s no time for wallowing. We have got to get to work. To do better. We have to be better… We can go big in this endeavor. Like the women of Fox News who, with their stiletto shoes and nerves of steel, formed an underground army of sorts, and at great risk to their livelihoods, brought down a very powerful serial sexual harasser. Or we can go less big, like not letting ourselves be interrupted at the table.

Drink in that belief in our own limitless power. Accept the realization that we don’t have to settle for less when it comes to respect and dignity and what we deserve and can accomplish. We resolve that we will do better, and be better… that we will find a way to settle for more.”

Nice plug at the end there, Meg.

Still, she definitely has a point about the number of white women in politics and entertainment in 2016!

Do U think Kathy overreacted to Megyn’s misstep?

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