Meghan Markles Dad Got $10,000 for Interview


Meghan Markle’s father Thomas was reportedly paid £7,500 (a little under $10,000) for the interview he gave to British TV show Good Morning Britain, in which he embarrassed the royals by disclosing Prince Harry’s comments on Donald Trump and Brexit.

Neither Meghan nor anyone at the palace knew he was planning to do the interview, it has also been revealed, suggesting a serious deterioration in the relationship between Thomas and his daughter, who, just over a month ago, he was preparing to walk down the aisle.

Markle did not attend the royal wedding at the last minute due to health concerns, which arose after he was busted for cooperating with a paparazzi photographer to stage pictures.

The figure of £7,5000 was given by the Daily Mail, for whom Markle’s interviewer, Piers Morgan, is a star writer. The Mail quoted Morgan as saying that Meghan’s father had pocketed “a few thousand pounds” for the interview but claimed that he had turned down significantly higher offers from the U.S. media, and was only interested in a “proper chance” to put across his “side of the story.”

However the palace was completely blindsided by Markle’s decision to give the interview.

Courtiers referred to the mess that was made of the run-up to the royal wedding as the “Markle Debacle” and all the indications are that this interview is fast turning into the “Markle Debacle Mark II.”

The Mail’s Richard Kay, who brought the phrase into public consciousness, quotes sources at the palace as saying offers of assistance have been made to Thomas Markle but were refused.

The interview comes amid continuing widespread bemusement that Meghan’s dad has not at least been installed in a comfortable new home by his wealthy daughter and son-in-law. He lives in a rundown Mexican seaside town with a high murder rate.

Markle had consistently said he would not take money to talk, and his decision to do so now—and disclose the contents of private conversations with Prince Harry—inevitably casts a pall over hopes of a warm relationship between the royals and Mr. Markle.

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