Meet The San Diego Twins Born Minutes Apart But In Different Years


Although they’re basically born at the same time, these twins will never share the same birthday… or even the same birth year.

Jaelyn Valencia was born one minute before the clock struck midnight, leading into the First of January 2016, while her brother,Luis Valencia Jr, was born minutes later in the new year.

“Maribel (the mother) really wanted to have the babies on the same birthday,’ Luis, the father, told NBC San Diego.

Because, you know, later on in the years they’re going to have a little confrontation and be like “My birthday came first.’”

Luis says that the whole family were watching the clock, willing the babies to be born on the same day buy, you know… no dice. He said:

“It was around midnight and she was just popping out,it was crazy seeing her little head pop out first.”

You know what that means? Two separate birthday parties. Back to back. And you know that terrible bit of dialogue in the second Avengers film when the twins say something like “Hey, you’re only two minutes older than me”…? There’ll probably be a lot of that, just to a larger extent.

Crazy stuff, right? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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