McDonald’s Has Been Secretly Testing Fresh Beef For Months Now


Without even knowing it, McDonald’s fans in Dallas have likely spent the last few months chomping on a surprising ingredient:fresh beef. 

McDonald’s has been testing out fresh beef patties in 14 Dallas restaurants since November, The Associated Press reports.

Tests have been run “without any advertising” on Quarter Pounder burgers only, according to CNN Money. The fresh beef is an alternative to the chain’s standard flash-frozen burger patties, which are frozen when ground and reheated two to three weeks later. Mmm.

It’s too early to tell if fresh beef patties will be incorporated into McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, spokesperson Lisa McComb told The Los Angeles Times.

Earlier this year, Wendy’s released an ad shaming other restaurants for freezing their beef. While fresh beef seems closer to the source, it may not actually be healthier: It’s typically fine to freeze beef for a month or more, as it keeps its nutritional content intact, according to Washington Post research. 

However, the move is a sign of the growing consumer craving for less processed and healthier, more natural food. McDonald’s is one of many chains committed to switching to cage-free eggs in the coming years, and artificial colors and flavors are on their way out of many eateries, too. 

But the best burgers, of course, are the ones made under your own roof. Happy grilling!

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