Marine Veteran And His Son Receive An Unexpected Gift From The Local Police


Supporting our active troops and our veterans has always been a sentiment at the heart of the United States of America.

Its a noble faith that we carry forward even to this day. Though veterans do face disrespect as in this case of a disabled veteran who received a nasty note there are plenty of tales of ordinary citizens standing up for our armed forces.

I particularly love this airline employee who sent off a fallen soldier with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. What an incredible performance!

But for some returning soldiers, it can be hard to ask for help from your fellow citizens. When former Marine Kevin Ivey left the armed forces to attend Texas A& M, he was just trying to make a better life for his six-year-old son, Calvin.

The single daddy, 28, was to intervene in the Corps of Cadets at A& M with his tuition taken care of by the GI Bill, but he didnt have money for housing.

He and Calvin expended two nights living in his truck. On the second night, a group of policemen spotted the father and son sleep, and came over to have a word with the young veteran, who thought he was about to be arrested.

As it turned out, all three officers were veterans too, and arrest was not what they had in mind. Watch the video below to consider the incredible gesture that the boys in blue built for this hard-working single dad.

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