Man’s Plea to Chick-fil-A Goes Viral After He Sees Cashier Working in Neck Brace & Sling


He just couldn’t believe that somebody would be working under those terrible conditions…

When Cameron Nelson dropped by a local Chick-fil-A in Indianapolis to grab a quick bite, he didn’t expect to seea scene at the cash register that would stop himin his tracks. A young man named Jakeem was working in a neck brace and a sling, but by his jovial spirit and top-notch customer service, you’d hardly even know he was injured.

Impressed by Jakeem’swork ethic under such tough physical conditions, Cameron felt compelled to inquire about his situation.

After hearing hisstory, the customerposted this viral plea to Chick-fil-A on Facebook:

Dear Chick-fil-A,

I stopped at your location on Rockville Rd. in Indianapolis, IN an hour ago. The line for the drive-thru was pretty long, so I decided to go inside. When I entered, I saw a gentleman behind your cash register, who was working with a neck brace & a sling. For anyone to work in those conditions is commendable, but it’s amazing for someone in his generation to have that type of work ethic. When I placed my order, I asked him what happened to him. He said he was involved in a car accident days earlier, but was working because he needed the money and that he also wanted to use his money to feed the homeless for Christmas. And of course, he was polite and courteous.

I, along with some friends of mine, plan on making a donation to him to help him and his cause, and I wanted to know if your company would be willing to match what we contribute, or even sponsor his organization and provide all the food/drinks needed? His name is Jakeem Tyler.

BetweenCameron’s personal Facebook page and Love What Matters, this message has now been shared by over 15,000 people who hope that Chick-fil-A will take note of the heartfelt plea.

And that’s not all.

A GoFundMe account has also been set up for Jakeem, and it’s already raised more than DOUBLE its goal.

In just three days, the campaign has raised $5,396.

I just love seeing kind strangers reach out a helping hand to a fellow brother in need. And it’s even more amazing to know that Jakeem wants to spend his hard-earned money on the homeless this Christmas, though he obviously has plenty of needs of his own.

Wishing this wonderful young mana speedy recovery and a VERY Merry Christmas!!

If you’d like to donate to Jakeem’s cause too, visit his GoFundMe page.

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