Man Tracks Down His Long-Lost Mother And Promptly Falls In Love With Her


It takes all sorts to fill a world. I once knew a guy who ate the cores of his apples and another guy who’d ask for a cup of tap water when he went to McDonald’s.

And if you’ve seen the title and you’re thinking “Where are you going with this, Alfie?” I’m totally comparing wasting your McDonald’s drink order on water to wanting to sleep with your mum.

Like Shane, for example. He fancies his mum. It’s not as black and white as that, though.

Rose Bestall was 15 when she had her son, Shane. Social services deemed her too young for a child so they took him away for her. She was allowed to visit him often until her was five when he got adopted.

13 years later, after losing touch, Shane took it upon himself to find his mother when he was on Facebook and, well, he did. They started spending a lot of time together, as you might expect and, somewhere down the line, Shane fell in love with her.

Rose, now 35, told the Mirror:

The confession left me with a massive dilemma.

I knew Shanes feelings were completely inappropriate but I had searched for him for so long and I didnt want to push him away again.

It’s especially messed up because Rose has a husband,Darryl, 33, and had four other children, Nicholas, 15, Alfie, 13, Kayleigh, 10, and Zac, six.

I told him I loved him unconditionally as his mum but our relationship could never be anything else.

Thankfully he understood and were working on a normal relationship.

It was only three months into their reunion that Shane realised his feelings. He said on it:

Id had a few drinks and something strange came over me. Id never thought of Rose in a romantic way but suddenly Id started to have strange feelings for her.

Wed been spending so much time together it was like we were boyfriend and girlfriend and going on dates.

We went back to Roses and we were having a cigarette in the garden when I just blurted it out.

Shane puts the feeling down to a psychological genetic attraction that occurs when two adults from the same family meet for the first time.

Nonetheless, Rose asked Darryl to have a word with Shane and they’re working on having a normal relationship now…

But why did they choose to tell the world?! What are they getting out of it?! Ohhh… money.

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