Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise Could ‘Singlehandedly’ End Scientology


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The full interview can be seen here (above), but even within it, there are a couple of major points upon which to focus: namely, how Remini alleges that it’s Cruise himself who could end all the Scientology controversy — and the religion itself.

Here’s an interesting interchange on that exact subject (below):

Maher: “He [Cruise] could end this singlehandedly.”

Remini: “He could end this. Correct. And because they are saying he singlehandedly is clearing the planet, is changing the planet, so most Scientologists believe.”

Maher: “Clearing the planet? He couldn’t even make Jack Reacher a hit.”

Remini: “Scientologists believe that if he didn’t make it a hit it was because there were suppressive, evil people working against him, because he’s winning in life and clearing the planet.”


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Remini went further, too, alleging that Maher’s own 2008 documentary Religulous played a big role in her realizing all the bad in Scientology.

She told the host:

“Scientologists are not allowed to look at things like this. We’re not allowed to look or listen to people who are critics of Scientology. I watched it because I was a troublemaker, apparently, always. What you were revealing in your documentary, I wasn’t even at that level yet. So you seemed a little crazy to me, because I didn’t know what you were saying was true, so I was, like, That shit is crazy.'”

Now, not all can go and be ignored, however.

Scientology spokeswoman Karen Pouw provided a statement to the Hollywood Reporter about Remini, saying:

“The Church has published a website responding to Leah Remini’s bigotry, http://www.leahreminiaftermath.com. Leah Remini has become what she once declared she never wanted to be known as: “this bitter ex-Scientologist.” As USA Today wrote, Ms. Remini is “as famous for being an ex-Scientologist as she is as an actress” who is pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.”

Well OK then!

Keep doing your thing, Leah!

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