Law Professor Suspended From Twitter After Telling Followers To ‘Run Over’ Black Lives Matter Protesters!



America suffered yet another instance of race inequality this week when Terence Crutcher was shot dead by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma — despite being completely innocent of any crime.

The unarmed black man was killed while simply trying to fix his car… but one college professor seems to think Terence’s protesters are actually the evil ones in all this.

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University of Tennessee Knoxville law professor Glenn Reynolds found himself without a job Twitter for a few hours on Wednesday after an offensive tweet of his got his account suspended.

While reacting to a news story about protesters blocking the I-277 in Charlotte, Glenn decided to join in on the conversation, saying:

“Run them down.”


Fellow social media users were quick to report the probably racist, DEFINITELY violence-inciting tweet, but a reverse protest in Glenn’s defense reinstated his account on the stipulation that he delete the message in question.

Oh — and surprise, surprise… the lawyer isn’t apologizing, telling local radio personality Hugh Hewitt:

“I have to say I don’t apologize for the sentiment. I think that this tactic of blocking people on the interstate and surrounding cars is itself violent. It is threatening. It is not peaceful protest, and it should not be permitted.”

While that’s a very fair point… how does he not see the irony that his tweet was WORSE?? He leapt from “not peaceful” to outright homicidal!

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Luckily, said irony was not lost on the University’s College of Law Dean Melanie Wilson, who issued an official statement following Glenn’s Twitter suspension, saying:

“I am aware of the remarks made last night on Twitter by Professor Glenn Reynolds and of the serious and legitimate concerns expressed by members of the UT Law family and the University of Tennessee community, as well as concerned citizens across the country. Professor Reynolds’s comments do not reflect my views and opinions, nor do they reflect the values of the college and university.

University administrators, college faculty, and I are investigating this matter.”

Hmm… maybe he’ll get more than a Twitter suspension after all.

With that said, please be safe while exercising your 1st Amendment rights, everyone!

Do U think Glenn’s offensive tweet deserved to get him (temporarily) banned??

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