Labour collapse and Celtic Boys Club abuse claims

Image caption The Daily Telegraph reveals that Boris Johnson has told MPs that Labour’s collapse is to blame for his party’s losses in Scotland. He promised unseated MPs they “will be back” in parliament. The paper has obtained a recording of the prime minister addressing MPs.
Image caption The National reports that Boris Johnson will recruit more Scots to the Yes movement if he refuses to shift on another referendum on Scottish independence, according to the chairman of 2014’s Yes campaign. Dennis Canavan has said a hard no to indyrefy2 will increase support for independence.
Image caption The Times’ Scottish edition reports that a fifth coach has been accused of child sex abuse at Celtic Boys Club. Four senior figures from the club have already been convicted, the paper reports. It also carries an investigation suggesting extremists are holding makeshift Sharia trials, circulating banned books and openly grooming young Muslim inmates in UK prisons.
Image caption The firm responsible for housing asylum seekers, Serco, has been criticised by charities for homes which are in “appalling conditions”, the Herald reports.
Image caption The Scotsman reports that 12,300 children were homeless in Scotland last Christmas. The paper says new figures have revealed the scale of the problem, calling it a “tragedy”.
Image caption The Fife edition of the Courier reports that parents have blamed the NHS for the death of their baby son. Leon Duncan died two days after hospital staff told his mother he had a viral infection and to give him paracetamol. His death is being treated as unexplained “pending investigation”, the paper says.
Image caption A man who tried to frame his wife for assaulting him has “dodged jail”, according to The Sun. The paper carries an interview with his wife, who says he “got off too lightly”.
Image caption The Daily Record reports that an off-duty policeman was found dead in a Greenock police station. The paper says the detective took his own life.
Image caption And the i follows up the story about Tesco suspending production of charity Christmas cards at a factory in China, after a six-year-old girl found a message claiming prisoners were being “forced to work against our will” inside one of the cards.
Image caption A liquid diet restricting people with diabetes to just 800 calories a day has been “shown to put type 2 into remission”, says the Daily Express. Some 5,000 obese patients will be given a “soup and shake” diet when the NHS adopts the programme in April, the paper says.
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on an investigation suggesting millions of online shoppers are being duped by reviews that are being sold to internet retailers to boost their ratings.
Image caption The festive weather forecast makes headlines, with the Daily Star pointing out it’s likely to be a wet Christmas, rather than a white one. Some 91 flood warnings are in place as torrential rain batters Great Britain, it says.

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