Kylie Jenner Marathons KUWTK Just Like Us! Listen To Her Hilarious Live Commentary Of Vintage Episodes HERE!


Kylie Jenner

gets through her glam sessions with a little help from old episodes of KUWTK — and she’s documenting all of it on Snapchat (duh)!

From questionable hairstyles to the ancient trend that once was the Sidekick cell phone, the 18-year-old and her crew are providing us with tons of laughable commentary while watching the vintage footage.

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First up, are Khlo Kardashian‘s infamous bangs which Kylie actually seems to approve of in a scene of the now 31-year-old chatting with the now-Caitlyn Jenner:

“The bangs. The bangs are good!”

In another clip, Cait is seen flying toy helicopters — which if we remember correctly, ex Kris Jenner loathed. The youngest Jenner remembers:

“[Dad] always flies helicopters in the house. I totally forgot.”

Our favorite clip from the snaps has gotta be when Kim Kardashian West, Khlo, and Kourtney Kardashian all meet up at Coffee Bean for what we’re sure was a very serious chat. A member of the glam squad shrieks:

“OMG at Coffee Bean?? I would die. OMG a Sidekick!”

Kendall Jenner and her baby sis weren’t present in the clips until the end of the montage where baby Kylie is shown with a chunky blonde streak down her dark brown hair — which just goes to show she’s always been adventurous when it comes to her style!

Ha!!! This is making us want to go binge a little throwback Kardashians ourselves!!

[Image via E!/WENN.]

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