Kylie Jenner Hit By Claims That Her Sex Tape Has Leaked Online

The Kardashian siblings appear set to be hit with another sex videotape scandal, as a home video made by Kylie Jenner and her now ex-boyfriend Tyga hasreportedlyleaked onto the internet .

The tape was apparently accidentally uploaded onto Tyga’s website- butpulled down after merely thirty minutes of being online.

When it comes to the internet, however, thirty minutes is a long time, and Kylie is reportedly worried that thistape “could get in the wrong person’s hands”.

Vivid- who own the rights to Kim Kardashian’s famous sex videotape- previouslytried to buy a collection of sex videotapes fromTyga and Kylie for $10 million, but Kylie turned the offer down.

If it turns out a sex videotape was publishedwithout Kylie’s consent, then whoever was responsible for the leakcould be charged under California’s new “revenge porn” laws.

In any case, the internet is up in arms 😛 TAGEND Let us know what you think in the comments !

Source: Hollywood Life

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