Kristen Bell called a little girl with brain cancer as Anna from ‘Frozen, ‘ and her papa taped it all.


A 6-year-old girl who is bravely opposing an incurable type of brain cancer just got a heartwarming pep talk … from “Frozen’s” Princess Anna of Arendelle.

It came in the form of a voice message on her dad’s cell phone. But unlike most children who get a “message from Anna, ” it wasn’t a prerecorded videotape or her mama doing a voice .

“The actress left an adorable message in the voice of her Frozen character, Anna, for Avery Huffman , a 6-year-old who was recently diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma( DIPG) an inoperable brain tumor last month, according to Huffman’s official CaringBridge page.”

“Bell got into full character for the young fan, congratulating her on being such a “good girl” and “so brave” and that Anna’s sister( Queen Elsa) would love to attain her an honorary princess.”

It was an extraordinarily big-hearted thing for Bell to do for a little girl who really needed some good news.

It’s hard enough simply being six, never mind having to deal with doctors, surgeries, and radioactivity therapies on top of all of it.

But the moment where Avery realizes she’s listening to the voice of the real Anna?

Awww! GIF by Brandon Huffman/ YouTube.

My heart simply … well. No terms, actually. Bell taking the time to speak with Avery makes a sad situation simply a little bit brighter.

Avery’s friends and relatives have been raising fund for her care, and as of July 24, 2015, the latter are only a few thousand dollars shy of their goal. Hopefully the video of Avery receiving Kristen’s message helps spread the word so the family can get Avery the care she needs.

You can hear the whole adorable message from Kristen Bell/ Anna and witness Avery’s reaction here:

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