Kris Jenner Might Be The Mastermind Behind Kim’s Sex Tape


Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner could actually be the one behind the Kim K/Ray J sex-tape leak. Does this shock anyone? No? Ok.

reports Kim signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment to leak the tape in 2007. Apparently, a mutual friend of Kim and Paris Hilton told her that if she wanted to be famous a sex tape was the way to go.

A source also says it was Kris who brokered the deal to get the tape leaked (because of course it was). If that were to be true, its great foresight on her part because who could have guessed one silly sex tape could have blown the whole family up to that kind of superstardom.

Someone at Vivid says they can only publish sex tapes with the consent of both parties, which makes sense for a company who doesnt want to get super sued.

Plot twist: Kim Kardashian did threaten to sue Vivid for the release. But that may have just been a cover. She received $5 million from them as a settlement or was it a payment?! Dun dun dunnnn.

A spokesperson for Kim says all of this is lies.

All of this is explained in more detail, Im assuming, in , an unauthorized tell-all set to come out next month.

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