Kim Kardashian’s Ass-Kissing Street Attacker Speaks Out About Her Armed Robbery And Presents His Own Unsavory Theory



Well, apparently the controversial “prankster” can’t get enough of this Kardashian sister because he’s speaking about her recent theft AND and even defending her massive bodyguard Pascal Duvier. You know, the same guy who took him down after he attacked the celeb.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Vitali shared a “possible” “scenario” where the momma of two could have planned the whole thing! He wrote:

“@pascalduvier is a G…
Very often celebrities are given jewelleries that cost millions of dollars to wear them on the red carpet for advertisement. And sometimes celebrities orchestra “robbery” themselves not to return these jewelleries to the store. As we already read similar news with Sharon Stone in the Cannes. I’m not saying anything as police should finish full investigation. But I’m pointing out that this scenario is possible and should be considered by French authorities as well.
P.s. I heard Kanye West was in debts..
#kimkardashian #robbery”

Uhh, what?!

In case you don’t remember, Sharon was an attendee at a Cannes party for famous jeweler De Grisogono when a necklace costing over $2 million was stolen. Authorities never made any connection with the actress and the missing piece.

Clearly he has his own opinions about that… and what happened with Kim’s stolen jewels!

What do U think about his theory??

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