Kim Kardashian West Visits D.C. Jail To Discuss Criminal Justice Reform


Kim Kardashian West visited the District of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility this week to speak with inmates about a topic on which the media mogul has increasingly become an advocate: criminal justice reform.

The D.C. Department of Corrections shared photographs of the reality star’s visit via Twitter on Wednesday. Kardashian discussed prison reform with a group of incarcerated men and women, the department said. She also spoke about the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program, a higher education initiative at the jail. 

Halim Flowers, an activist who was imprisoned as a teenager and was recently released after serving 21 years behind bars, also shared photographs of Kardashian at the facility.

Flowers said the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star engaged in conversations with inmates and activists “about the atrocity of putting children in cages for life sentences and the power of higher education programs in jails and prisons.” 

Kardashian later praised the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program ― a partnership between Georgetown University and the D.C. Department of Corrections launched in 2018 ― as something that “every prison needs.”  

Inmates are able to take higher education courses taught by Georgetown faculty through the program. Its purpose “is to improve the lives of all District residents by educating incarcerated citizens and preparing them to pursue a positive role in their home communities when they return,” says a description on the program’s website.

According to the DCist, Kardashian was also filming at the jail for an Oxygen Network documentary about her criminal justice activism.

An Oxygen spokeswoman confirmed to the site that Kardashian was “definitely there as part” of the film. 

Since 2018, Kardashian has emerged as a high-profile advocate for criminal justice reform. She has lobbied President Donald Trump and his administration on behalf of incarcerated individuals including Anita Johnson and rapper A$AP Rocky. She’s also supported initiatives like Lyft’s rideshare program for former inmates, and she revealed earlier this year that she’s studying to be a criminal justice lawyer so she can do more to enact change.

“I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it,” she told Vogue in April.

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