Kim Kardashian Wants To Have Another Kid


Kim Kardashian might be taking an extended break from the spotlight, but shes still ready for another child. On this weeks episode of , Kim and Kourtney talk about the possibility of Kim using a surrogate to have another baby in the future. Kim has been open in the past about her struggles with getting pregnant, and she says that she doesnt know if her body could handle another pregnancy.

Kim clearly hasnt made any decision, and there are a lot of pros and cons to using a surrogate. Personally, we would love a spinoff where Kim makes her surrogate move in with her and Kanye (and preferably the surrogate is Blac Chyna), but its obviously a huge decision for her. Shes still shaken up by the robbery last month, so it might be a while before she decides to bring another kid into the world.

Whether Kim decides to use a surrogate or not, its about time to start brainstorming possible names for baby number three. Our personal favorites right now are South and Kim Jr., but theyve got plenty of time to decide.

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