Kim Kardashian Reveals She Spies On People With A Secret Snapchat Account!


So sneaky!

After denying it for months,

On Wednesday, the KUWTK star was hanging out with BFF Jonathan Cheban in New York where she reveals on his story that she made a secret account in order to “lurk and stalk people.”

The 35-year-old recounts :

“So I was bored in London. I couldn’t sleep. And then Jonathan had me open up a secret Snap Jonathan told me that if I followed some of our friends and saw what they really do in their real life, wasted and acting so crazy, I would never be friends with them again.”

What a sinister plan!

“So Jonathan walked me through how to open up a Snapchat in London. Kanye was snoring in the bed right next to me, not really snoring, passed out. I couldn’t sleep so Jonathan opened up a Snapchat with me over the phone and I started following some friends and saw what they do.”

Oh boy! She probably saw some cray cray things!

The mother-of-two has admitted on her hit reality TV show that she’s really good at using technology to spy on people. She’s even hacked phones and gotten into people’s email accounts!

Hopefully Kim will make a public Snapchat account very soon!

[Image via Kim Kardashian West/Instagram.]

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