Kim Kardashian Posed Completely Topless, And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Kim Kardashian posing naked isn’t precisely anything new, it’s simply that this time, she hasn’t tried to cover up her rude bits .

For her GQ interview– which promised to show Kim “as you’ve never seen her”- current realities superstar posed entirely topless, with no strategically placed-anything to hide behind.

Pointing out that Kim’s “brand” has always been “unapologetically sexy”, the articlediscusses Kim’s transformation from superstar of a sexuality videotape, to the mogul she is today 😛 TAGEND

“Her curves remained the same, but under Kanye’s exuberant insistence, they transmuted from porny to arty. Her provocative selfies were no longer simply attention-seeking; now they were also body positive.”

It also argues that matrimony and motherhood has attained Kim’s eroticism more “palatable” 😛 TAGEND

“It was as if, by fulfilling societal expectations of matrimony and motherhood, Kim eventually earned the right to take off all her clothes. Resolving down allowed her to turn up.”

The internet, as you can probably imagine, is running wild.

To read the interview( and ensure the rest of the pictures) head over to GQ .

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