Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reportedly In Therapy Over Fallout From His Pro-Trump Antics! – Perez Hilton


Kanye West may have taken a step back from politics, but people are still quite traumatized by his pro-Trump antics — and by “people,” we mean Kim Kardashian West.

According to RadarOnline, the power couple is in therapy over the aftershock from Ye’s politically-charged dramatics earlier this year, and Kim is apparently “figuring out how to cope” with all the bad PR it caused her family.

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The source claimed:

“[Kim] is trying to figure out how to cope with his illness and the fallout, specifically about his politics. She is supportive and it’s hard for her when people have reacted so strongly.”

The KUWTK star is no stranger to the public’s disdain, of course, but the insider said she noticed a “different kind of hate” when Kanye went full MAGA a few months ago.

While she’s trying to wrap her head around this newer, more evolved form of hate society is apparently throwing her way, the 38-year-old is protecting her family at all costs, as the source explains:

“She is trying to understand why people are so hateful. It’s been ugly. They had to up their security because Kanye supports Trump. They are working with former secret service.”

But a Kardashian can only do so much.

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It’s also been reported that Kanye is refusing to take the medication for his Bipolar Disorder, which isn’t making things any easier on his wife.

Trump seems determined to keep America divided.

Will he really be responsible for dividing Kimye, too?

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