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Kanye West realized his relationship with Twitter was toxic.

According to a

Ye’s social media exit came a week after he revealed he was off his medication in a long, rambling, pro-Donald Trump speech on Saturday Night Live, and then wrote a controversial tweet about the 13th Amendment.

While his tweets tend to display an extreme lack of self-awareness, the father apparently realized he needed to take a break from social media — not for Twitter’s sake, but for his own. The insider explained:

“Kanye got to the point where he realized his rants were becoming unhealthy. This is why he deleted his account… When he gets into these Twitter rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. It’s like an obsession and it actually affects his life. He knows it’s not healthy, so he wants to take things down a notch.”

Good idea!

Video: Pete Davidson Goes OFF On Kanye’s ‘SNL’ Rant

Social media maven Kim Kardashian West also encouraged her husband to sign off his social accounts so he could focus his energy elsewhere, like his music and their three children:

“Kim agreed it was time for him to take a social media break. She just wants him to focus on his family for a bit now. He can also focus better on his music and being creative when he avoids social media.”

It’s safe to say we can all focus better when Kanye avoids social media.

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