Children proved up at school to a group of men literally cheering for them. Well done, sirs.


A big group of snazzily dressed men assembled outside a Connecticut public school on the first day of class.

Nah, it wasn’t hour for parent-teacher conferences. And it wasn’t an executive retreat that just happened to be walking by. This was a group meeting to cheer students on their first day of school.

DeVaughn Ward and Pastor AJ Johnson coordinated the event after find a group of men in Atlanta pull off a similar affair. They took to social media, and faster than you could tell “What are you up to on the first day of school? ” a group of upstanding gents from the community presented up to cheer on students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Hartford, Connecticut.

We have insurance executives. We have attorneys. We have Tv producers . … We have banking executives. We have nonprofit executives, law enforcement, firefighters, cooks, ” Ward told Eyewitness 3 in Hartford. “We wanted the youth to find us as professionals in whatever capability that’s in, ” he told. “We wanted to give them something to aspire to.”

This array of professional gents greeted each student on their first day of school with a smile, a cheer, and a high five of encouragement.

They need to know education matters. They need to know there are people there supporting them. Even if they don’t know their names, ” Brian Martin, one of the event’s participants, told Eyewitness 3.

And it wasn’t only a few folks. Around 100 men came to cheer on the children in their community.

Photos by Keith Claytor of TimeFrozen photography.

They offered high fives to adorably confused, disconcerted, and happy children.

Sounds of “awww” were no doubt reported.

Little hands and big hands clapped! A first day of school high five for everyone!

The kind of welcome usually reserved for football starrings was given to each and every child that day.

All the smiling faces and happy children and bow ties! Is this a Norman Rockwell paint?

No! It’s real!

Seriously, I’m jealous of these children AND of all these awesome grown-ups.

What a beautiful style to show up for the children in your community.

Literally show up. I love it so much.

Hearing about success is one thing. But find it is something completely different. And for children going to their first day of school amid cheers from the most successful men in their community, find is believing .

So much happiness. I can’t.

After doing a little research about this awesome event in Connecticut, I started finding similar events happening all across the country.

That’s right! This magical event is contagious! These folks from Connecticut were inspired by Atlanta … but that is SO not where this magic stops!

In Pittsburgh :

Video via WTAE.

In West Palm Beach, Florida :

Video via WPTV.

In Omaha, Nebraska !

Video via WOWT .

Some of these assembles were independently coordinated, and some were a part of a motion called the Million Parents March, which began in 2004 as a group of men committed to their children’s academic success.

It’s such a sweet style to bring a community together and make a great world for our children. This is a great start .

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