Khlo K Did The Craziest Thing To Her Face And You Won’t Even Recognize Her


In a clip from the upcoming episode of “Keeping Up withthe Kardashians,” Khlo Kardashian is seen getting a face mask molded to her face.

It’s not just any face mask, though. It’s a green, gross, gloppy, thick mask of goop. It’s actually terrifying to look at. NO EXAGGERATION.

Perhaps you remember a few months ago when Khlo, Kendall and Kylie went undercoverto try to live a “normal life” for a day.

The three dressed up in bizarre attire and wore crazy makeup to make their faces unrecognizable.

Well, now’s your chance to see the behind-the-scenes footage of how Khlo went from a Kardashian sister to the creepiest old lady witch I’ve ever seen.

Below, check out the video of Khlo Kardashian being fitted for the scariest face mold ever. HIDE YOUR KIDS, EVERYBODY!

Just as a friendly reminder, here areKhlo, Kendall and Kylie in their disguises.

In March, the sisters spent the day on a Hollywood tour bus and Snapchatted the entire experience.

Yup, these girls are pretty crazy. I guess now we all know what Khlo will look like in 60 years, and it ain’t pretty.

(Love you Khlo, don’t kill me.)

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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