Kerry Washington Blasts Donald Trump: The Fear and Hate Candidate


The award-winning ‘Scandal’ star appeared on HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ to unload on the wildly misogynistic Republican candidate for president. “>

Four years ago, acclaimed actress Kerry Washington penned a stirring op-ed for The Daily Beast about why American women should support the reelection of President Barack Obama.

President Obama knows the importance ofwomens rights and womens health. He wasraised by a single mom, and he has been surrounded by smart, strong women ever sincehes married to one and hes a father of two. So for our president, womens issues arentjustpolitical, theyre personal for him as well, she wrote.

On Friday night, less than two months away from the general election, a pregnant Washington made an appearance on HBOs late-night talk show Real Time with Bill Maher in order to make another plea to American women: vote for Hillary Clinton over women-bashing Donald Trump.

Washington first addressed Trumps proposed maternity leave plan unveiled this past week that called for new mothers to receive six weeks of paid maternity leave by cutting unemployment insurancewhile also neglecting to mention paternity leave.

Having a child might open up my mind to the issueslike this ridiculous maternity leave that Trump talked about just recently, said Washington. Theres been a lot of talk about it being insulting to women, but I actually think its insulting to familiesand to workersbecause theres no paternity leave, theres no family leave. For Hillary Clinton, these issues and these policies are not about womens policies, this is about economic policy, because we understand in this country that if families are able to take care of each other, we do better as a nation. I choose that candidate over the guy who brags about having never changed a diaper. He has literally bragged about never having changed a diaper! Thats crazy.

Fact-check: True. In a 2005 interview, Trump, when asked whether he changes diapers, replied, No, I dont do that, before shaming men who actually have the nerve to help their wives raise their kids. Theres a lot of women out there that demand that the husband act like the wife, and you know, theres a lot of husbands that listen to that. So you know, they go for it.

If I had a different type of wife, Trump added laughing, I probably wouldnt have a baby, ya know, cause thats not my thing. Im really, like, a great father, but certain things you do and certain things you dont. Its just not for me. He also once told Howard Stern that he refuses to raise a finger when it comes to helping his wife take care of their kids. I wont do anything to take care of them. Ill supply funds and shell take care of the kids, he said of Melania Trump.

Calling Trumps childcare plan logically inept, the actress and activist also railed against the GOP candidates (bogus) claims that his company provided excellent childcare to their female employees. They did a little diggingbecause he talked about the kiddie cocktails, and coloring books, and slidesand that wasnt for his workers, that was for people who were guests at his fancy hotels! Washington exclaimed. And he didnt apparently understand the distinction. His workers were like, If we have childcare, we dont know about it!

After calling out the former reality show host on maternity leave and childcare, Washington expanded her argument as to why the impulsive, remarkably thin-skinned Trump is mentally unfit for the office of President of the United States.

Theres a bigger problem, which is right now, we are in a political climate where we are being ledby the media, no offenseto vote for the loudest candidate and the meanest, bulliest candidate in the playground, and that we are voting based on a cult of personality or a cult of celebrity rather than voting in our own best interest, said Washington. I think if we really look at policy, voting for Trump is voting against our best interests as Americansas workers, as people of color, as women. Not voting is voting against ourselves.

And when people talk about [Hillarys] long history, she continued, there may be things that you may not particularly agree with at some point. Like I know a lot of millennials talk about her position on criminal justice reform and the superpredators stuff, and I hear that and I understand it. I would rather vote for the candidate who is willing to address mistakes, address issues, take responsibility, be accountable, be a part of a changed solution rather than a candidate who continues to perpetuate fear and hate in the present moment.

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