Kate McKinnon’s Girlfriend Is A Successful Actress And Their Relationship Is Goals


One of the buzziest names to blow up in the comedy world in the past few years is Kate McKinnon. The  standout has pretty much dominated the sketch comedy world thanks to now-famous impressions of Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, and her offbeat original characters. Now, she’s also taking over the film world with scene-stealing roles in  and , and her breakout season of  is being capped with her fourth consecutive Emmy nomination. But while you may know all about Kate’s impressions and comedic style, you might not know that she’s in a relationship with another incredibly talented actress! Kate McKinnon’s girlfriend Marla Mindelle is a veritable Broadway vet, and her relationship with Kate is absolutely adorable.

Marla Mindelle is best known for her theatrical work on Broadway. In 2011, she originated the role of Sister Mary Robert in the musical adaptation of , the timid but incredibly talented singing nun that finds her voice in the choir. After that breakout role, she played the stepsister Gabrielle in , a part that was expanded to get its own subplot in the Broadway adaptation. More recently, Mindelle has had a couple guest spots on TV sitcoms this year, including appearances on  and .

It all adds up to make Marla Mindelle and Kate McKinnon one of the most impressive power couples in showbiz. You might see them next at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards, which will air Sunday, September 17 on CBS. McKinnon is nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award for her work on for the fourth year in a row. She actually won her first Emmy at last year’s ceremony, and with her increased visibility this year, she definitely has a good shot at a repeat win.

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