Justin Bieber Slammed For Insensitive Comment About Prince


Thousands of people are taking to social media to play tribute to Prince: the legendary Purple Rain singer who was found dead at his recording studio yesterday.

Among them, musician Andrew Watt, who posted the following tribute on his Instagram:

In it, he wrote that Prince was “the last of the greatest living performers”, which apparently didn’t sit well with Justin Bieber.

The Canadian pop sensation commented:

I mean, we can see what he’s trying to get at…Prince was inarguably a “great living performer”, but claiming that he was the “last” kind of denies the title to a whole new generation of musicians.

But, then again, we’re pretty sure that with “greatest living performers”, Andrew was referring to iconic singers such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, and not trying to throw shade at anyone else.

In any case, people aren’t too thrilled about Bieber’s comment:

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Image Credit: Esquire

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