Justin Bieber Launched His Own Emojis And You Might Never Use Kim K’s Again


Hey Kim Kardashian,you may want to take a seat. It looks like Justin Bieber just launched a new set of emojis, and I’m pretty sure they crush yours.

OK, “crush” may be an exaggeration, but JB’s emojis are pure gold.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old singer hinted on Instagram something big was happening this Friday.

He posted a photo of an animated Justin Bieber character with the caption, “Friday @AppStore.”

Fans, of course, went crazy wondering WTF this could all mean.

WELL, THE DAY HAS COME! It was revealed today Justin Bieber launched a new set of emojis called Justmoji.


The singer just released his collection of emojis and stickers you can send your family, friends and loved ones. Now you have the perfect pictures to send your ex! JB’s got your back.

Kim Khas had a lot of success with herown emojis, so I wonder if Justin’s will get an equally positive response.

You can download Justmojis on the App Store and start using them today! THANKS JUSTIN, YOU THE REAL MVP.

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