John Oliver Hilariously Mocks NBCs Rio Olympics Coverageand Brazils Creepy President


The host of HBO’s’ Last Week Tonight’ broke down NBC’s bizarre Opening Ceremony coverage, as well as Rio’s controversial acting chairman, Michel Temer.”>

The 2016 Rio Olympics are well under way and, looming amid the sculpted, scorching-hot athletes and patriotism on steroids is NBCs wacky coverage of the games.

Yes, the Peacock sent some of its vaunted Today castMatt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, and Hoda Kotbto preside over Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelless ( City of God ) much-hyped Opening Ceremony. And the results were strange.

Now, the buildup to the Rio Games has been turbulent, with Brazil experiencing a massive recession, protests in the street, and a Zika outbreak, but on Friday, NBC advised us to forget all that and focus on the Opening Ceremony, said John Oliver on Fridays edition of Last Week Tonight .

The centerpiece of any Opening Ceremony is the Parade of Nations: that inspirational moment where athletes from around the globe come togetheras oneto have Today present anchors point out everything thats wrong with home countries, he added.

As each country emerged, with their athletes forced to dress like flight attendants from shitty airlineswith one glorious exception being Tonga, and their buff, oiled-up mascotthe announcers from NBC ran down a list of terrible things to happen to each country, from Turkeys attempted takeover in July to the numerous terrorist attacks in France to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. They even referred to Sudan as a troubled nation.

Not nearly as soul-crushing as the Republican National Convention, but a bit depressing nonetheless. Holy shit! It is a good thing the anchors dont behave like that during the course of its Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, joked Oliver. There runs Shrek, patently jaundiced and beset by weight problems stemming from chronic diabetes; heres Charlie Brown, clearly “losing ones” fight with leukemia; and finally, there is Snoopy, who of course is going to be put down later today.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the current state of political upheaval in the Olympics host country of Brazil. President Dilma Rousseff, the first female chairman of Brazil, has been suspended since May amid allegations of corruption and did not attend the Opening Ceremony. She told Brazilian news, Imagine youre going to throw a party, you work on it for years, you define it all up, and then on the day of the party person shows up, takes your place, and takes over your party. In this story of video games, I am the Cinderella.

Her replacement, current acting President Michel Temer, appeared in her stead yet was largely hidden from the proceedings. As our own Nico Hines reported from inside Maracan Stadium, After three and a half hours, Temer was eventually forced to do his duty and declare the games open. Organizers kept his face off the big screens in the Maracan to try and limit the reaction, but as soon as his voice was hear, a cacophony of boo rained down from all sides. Another round of fireworks was launched but they could not drown out the verdict of the crowd.

According to Oliver, Those boos actually make sense for a couple of reasons: First, he is unelected and is planning to push through a number of austerity measures, and second, he is a poet who once released a book of poetry titled Anonymous Intimacy , featuring this actual poem.

The comedian then recited Temers poem Red, which reads as follows:

Of red
Fiery flames of fire.
Brilliant eyes
Which smile with scarlet lips
They take hold of me.
Of my mind
My soul.
All mine
In heat.
My body
On fire
Ashes are left
That I spread on the bed
To sleep .

Now, what is interesting about that lyric is nothing , but what is relevant about it is that his muse is his wife, Marcela, who is 42 years younger than him, said Oliver. He is 75, she is 33. And Ill say this: At least when 70 -something American politicians get creepily handsy with 30 -something females, they have the decency to do so with their own daughters, he continued, before throwing to a clip of Donald Trump manhandling Ivanka at the RNC. Have some class, Brazil! Have. Some. Class.

But wait, it gets one step worse, because she apparently has a tattoo of[ Michels] name on her neck, which seems like a tradition thats part of a wedding ceremony at Seor Frogs.

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