Jimmy Fallons Trump Selects Teen Trump Impersonator Little Donald as Running Mate


Chicago teen Jack Aiello got the chance to bring his killer Donald Trump impression to ‘The Tonight Show’ Wednesday night. “>

Earlier this month, 14-year-old Jack Aiello delivered his eighth grade graduation speech as Donald Trump, along with sections as Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, and finally, Bernie Sanders. And 2.2 million YouTube views later, the Chicago teen was standing side by side with Jimmy Fallons Donald Trump on The Tonight Show.

Wednesday nights sketch opened with Fallon as Trump at the podium, preparing to make a very big announcement about his running mate. After dismissing Chris Christie, LeBron James, and Chewbacca Mom, Trump declared that the only person good enough to be my vice president is me.

As Fallons Trump put it, 14 years ago, he created a clone of himself, introducing your next vice president, Little Donald. At that point, Aiello emerged in full Trump regalia, pointing out that he and adult Donald have the same size hands.

At Fallons request, Little Donald prank-called Clinton as SandersIs your refrigerator running? Well, so am I! And I am never, ever dropping outand did the same to Sanders as ClintonI was going to email you, but before I pressed send, I accidentally deleted it. Asked where he learned to do such great impressions, Little Donald replied, Trump University, which is terrific, by the way.

If the real Trump does somehow manage to get elected president, Aiello should be ready to take over for Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live by the time hes ready to run against Kanye West in 2020.

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